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Method for distinguishing three models of CNC engraving and milling machine

With the rapid development of machine tool industry, the domestic machine tool industry growth, with employment is increasing. It is easy for professionals to distinguish between machine tools, but for a lot of people have just joined the machine industry, the type of machine tool is too much, it is difficult to distinguish.
First of all, make clear the difference between the three models:
First, CNC milling and machining center for the completion of a larger amount of milling of the workpiece processing equipment. Second, CNC engraving and milling machine for the completion of a smaller amount of milling, or soft metal processing equipment. Third, the high speed cutting machine tool is used for medium milling, and the grinding quantity is reduced to the lowest.
Deep analysis of the structure of the equipment can help us make the right choice, we can analyze from different angles.
First, from a mechanical point of view. Machine tool is divided into two departments, the mobile sector and the mobile sector: table, skateboarding, cross children for mobile sector, bed, column for the non mobile sector, first of all, CNC milling machining center, non mobile sector steel requirements very well, the mobile sector steel requirements very well. Its advantage is to be able to carry out heavy cutting; disadvantages: because the mobile sector is also huge, sacrificing the flexibility of the machine tool for small departments and fast feed powerless. Secondly, CNC engraving and milling machine, its non mobile sector steel requirements, the mobile sector steel to a flexible under the premise, as far as possible some light while maintaining certain steel. The main advantage is the relatively small processing, high processing precision. The soft metal can be processed for high speed; the disadvantage is that it is not possible to carry out heavy cutting because of the poor quality of the steel. Finally, on the high-speed cutting machine, the non mobile sector steel requirements are very good, the mobile sector steel requirements better, and as far as possible the light. It has the advantages of small (diameter 10 flat bottomed cutter cutting, for 45 steel (300) deep depth to 0.75 for good); drawback is accurate to use to display, and low cost, so that the grinding quantity is little. Do not use accurate, will make the scrap pile up like a mountain hand tool.
Two, from the point of view of numerical control. First, CNC milling machining center on the requirements of the general speed of the CNC system, the spindle speed of about 0~8000RPM. Second, engraving and milling machine requirements of high-speed CNC system, spindle speed 3000~30000RPM. Third, high-speed cutting machine tools require high-speed CNC system, as well as excellent servo motor characteristics, spindle speed 1500~30000RPM.
Three, from the programming software analysis. From the point of view of software, CNC milling machining center, high speed cutting machine engraving and milling machine can use the scale of CAD/CAM software such as: MasterCamCimatronPEUG, etc.. Milling machines are usually considered Cimatron tool path to be a little better, the new version of the software fully elegant to the average amount of cutting tool in the moment of, especially the knife into the work out of the moment of speed and smooth, and the inflection point of the following difference algorithm subject followingError, make the results and graphic design more paste into, the CAD department just uses a lot of intuitive 3D solid modeling such as SolidWorks by IGS into CAM software for processing.
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