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Method for accurately cleaning engraving and milling machine

1, to clean up the lead screw to prevent the screw on the sticky foreign body. Lead screw in the equipment is very important, it determines the accuracy of the machine, but also play an important role in the transmission process;
2, clean up debris near the rail and rail, to prevent interference caused by debris in the working process of the machine on the machine;
3, to clean up the industrial control box, dust is the biggest killer of the circuit board.
4, work out the timely liquidation of mesa, which provides convenience to the next work;
Engraving and milling machine easily thrown on the dislocation of what?
1, the spindle motor does not work: stepper motor or servo motor in a direction are not moving, it will also happen dislocation.
2, precision engraving and milling machine tool line off: so many companies began to use a good high flexible shielding line, to prevent the appearance of dislocation phenomenon, resulting in a greater loss.
3, a part of the bed on the topic or loose, the surface of impurities such as: such as loose coupling, broken, will be thrown on the dislocation, rail, wire rod for a long time without cleaning will be thrown on the phenomenon of dislocation phenomenon.
4, drive damage: if the number of dislocation is not a lot, the precision engraving and milling machine speed down a bit, and sometimes the normal engraving and milling instructions drive is not completely damaged, otherwise it shows that the drive completely broken.
5, the voltage is too low: low voltage to drive power supply shortage, reach the engraving and milling machine precision required power will be dislocated, may be outside the voltage is not enough, or in unified line uses the high power devices such as electric welding, solution to this is a 5000 Watt regulated power supply is installed, but the error range of the regulated power supply can not be more than 5% best in less than 3%.
6, interface board, the main board and the adapter plate is broken: machine in the process of work, in a direction or three axes are not dodo, resulting in engraving and milling dislocation.
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