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Jiangmen City Star Ya Hardware Co., Ltd. is a set of motor axis machining, the machining of connecting rod, iron processing, aluminum processing, auto parts processing and pump accessories processing and production and processing in one of the high-tech private enterprises. Strong technical force, sophisticated production equipment, and has advanced modern enterprise management and excellent staff. I plant processing products throughout the industry wide: such as the motor industry, automobile industry, motorcycle industry, medical equipment industry, water pump industry and all kinds of machinery and equipment industry, etc..
In order to realize a leapfrog development in our factory, all employees of the company under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors of the company, are full of confidence, and actively explore, and comprehensively promote, the human resource management as the focus, closely rely on the advanced modern enterprise management, to build a new Jiangmen City Star sub Hardware Co., Ltd. our grand blueprint.
We have been with excellent quality, low price, perfect service, make our factory processed products by domestic customers of praise and favor. Our factory continues to adhere to the "quality excellence, reputation first" purpose, we sincerely welcome the broad masses of customer service, welcome to sample or to map processing, order a variety of various types of hardware products.